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Congratulations on being selected for the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program! 

This page is just for you and your fellow participants. There are links to all the past email updates we've sent, plus some FAQs for you below.

We've also got some FAQs for your parent or guardian in case they have any questions.


Download a PDF version of the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program student handbook:

2023 STEM Challenges

Reforming Waste STEM Challenge 

Cosmos Podcast STEM Challenge

Email Updates

We're sending emails every week or so to keep you updated. Links to the previously sent emails are below.

13/10/2022 - #1

  • Meet your Chiefs of Staff for 2023
  • Build your excitement with our program update
  • Apply ASAP for NYSF Access and Equity Scholarships
  • Watch our NYSF Connect webinar on 'Space Jobs'
  • See progress with the NYSF Rotary District Selections
  • Find answers to questions on Rotary District Selections (including accepting your offer)

27/10/2022 - #2

  • Meet Staffie Sophie
  • Build your excitement with our program update
  • Watch our NYSF Connect webinar on 'Infectious Diseases'
  • Celebrate NYSFers in the media
  • Read the updated FAQ

11/11/2022 - #3

  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook
  • Register for the digital NYSF orientation if you cannot attend an in-person one organised by your Rotary District
  • Build your excitement with our program update
  • Join our NYSF Connect webinar on 'Tech Innovation'
  • Celebrate NYSFers in the media
  • Read the updated FAQ

21/11/2022 - #4

  • Take note of important dates for the release of tickets for STEM Hub visits
  • Read information about your buddy, social group, social channel, and the NYSF app
  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook
  • Build your excitement with our program update - introducing Professor Veena Sahajwalla as a Keynote Speaker!
  • Get to know each other at Rotary District Orientations
  • Read the updated FAQ

29/11/2022 - #5

  • Your NYSF 2023 Year 12 Program Hub timetables are ready to view!

05/12/2022 - #6

  • Eventbrite links to tickets for the NYSF 2023 Year 12 in-person STEM Hubs

14/12/2022 - #7

  • Click the link to join the 2023 NYSF social channel on Discord!
  • Register for the NYSF Digital Orientation if you can't attend an in-person orientation
  • Check for gaps in your in-person STEM Hub visit schedule for Week 2 and register for some more exciting visits
  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook

23/12/2022 - #8

  • Meet your buddy and social constellation (and find them on Discord)!
  • See our Spotlight on the Digital Program
  • Click the link to join the 2023 NYSF social channel on Discord!
  • Check out an exclusive offer, just for NYSFers!
  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook

05/01/2023 - #9

  • Download the NYSF event app - Whova!
  • See the materials list for the Science@Home session
  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook

09/01/2023 - #10

  • Set up the NYSF event app - Whova!
  • Fill in the pre-program survey for a chance to win a prize
  • Join the NYSF social channel on Discord
  • Read the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Student Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Offer FAQs

How do I accept my offer?

1. You should have received an offer from us by email. It will have a button at the end for you to accept the offer. Click ‘Accept’.

2. Once you click Accept, you will be directed to the participation form. Complete the form and submit it.

3. Hooray! You’ve accepted your offer.

My application to attend the program was successful, but I haven't received a formal offer, program agreement, or invoice for the program fee. What should I do?

Offers, program agreements, invoices, and any other important information will be sent to you or your parent/guardian via the email addresses provided in your application.

You must accept your offer before you receive your program agreement. Check your emails for the offer email, click ‘accept’, then fill out the form as directed and click ‘submit’.

You will receive your program agreement for signing once you have accepted your offer, and an invoice for your program fee once your agreement has been signed by both you and your parent/guardian.

If you haven't received an offer, agreement, or invoice from the NYSF and you think you should have, please check your spam/junk folder, and email us at if you can’t find it.

I made a mistake when accepting my offer, providing my health/medical information, or signing my agreement, or my details have changed and need to be updated. What should I do?

Please email us at and we can update your information or reissue paperwork with corrected details.

My parent/guardian received an invoice for the program fee, but a Rotary Club is supporting me financially. Do I need to pay this invoice, or will the Rotary Club be invoiced separately?

The NYSF invoices parents/guardians for all program fees, and your parent/guardian is responsible for full payment.

If you are receiving funding from a Rotary Club or other third party, they should pay their contribution to you directly, not to the NYSF.

The NYSF does not invoice third parties separately unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Please email us at if you need to discuss payment of your program fee.

Program FAQs

Is the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program going to be held online or in-person?

The 2023 Year 12 Program will be delivered as a mixed-mode experience – a combination of in-person and digital events.

You can choose to travel to the in-person events, but you won’t miss out if you can’t make it! We’ve got an excellent line-up of specialist digital sessions for that week too.

*NEW* When do we find out the exact address and meeting place for our in-person STEM Hub visits in Week 2? 

You'll get the exact meeting places for your STEM Hub visits in our program app – Whova – when it opens in early January! 

Does the NYSF provide accommodation, travel and catering in January? 

Students and families are responsible for accommodation, travel and meals during all in-person visits. We cannot recommend specific accommodation; however, university campuses in capital cities usually have cost-effective student-style accommodation available in January. Most NYSF visits are based on major university campuses, so accommodation in surrounding areas or close to the city is also fine. Generally, students under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult in any accommodation.

Students can bring their own food with them and find a spot to eat between visits or eat at a local cafe. Our hosts do, on occasion, provide a morning or afternoon tea. We pass on student dietary requirements where we are aware catering is provided.

What times do in-person visits start and finish?

Most in-person visits will commence around 9 am and finish between 4 and 5 pm. Students must ensure they can get to visits on time as they may not be able to enter if they are late.

Am I required to wear a mask at in-person visits?

Our STEM hosts will advise if you are required to wear a mask during the visit, so make sure you have one with you at all times, just in case.

What happens on the Program during the weekends?

There is no official in-person or digital programming on the weekends, but we encourage students to continue their work on the STEM challenges set by some of our hosts during the Program. While these are not compulsory, they will help you gain more from the Program, and you may win a prize for your efforts!

For parents and guardians

Has my child accepted their offer to attend the 2022 NYSF Year 12 Program? Have I completed all the required tasks to confirm their registration?

Both you and your child will receive an email confirmation once they accept their offer to attend the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program.

You both then need to sign the program agreement, which will be emailed to you both separately.

Once the agreement is signed by both of you, an invoice for the program fee will be sent to you (the parent or guardian) and must be paid by 13 November 2022.

We will follow up with you if you have any outstanding tasks to complete.