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Sustainable funding from a range of partners ensures the NYSF can meet our mission of delivering transformative STEM experiences to young Australians

Funding from the corporate, research, and university sectors is vital to ensure financial sustainability for the NYSF and our ability to meet our mission of delivering transformative STEM experiences to young Australians.

We are keen to work with funding partners to develop a level of engagement with the NYSF organisation, our program participants, volunteers, and alumni that offers a meaningful experience for all involved. Our research indicates that our participants truly value the opportunity to talk with STEM professionals during the Year 12 Program and in the range of follow-up activities that the NYSF delivers.

I realised there were more careers available than the generic job pathways that we hear about at school - Charlotte, NYSF 2017

For our major funding partners, benefits can include speaking at NYSF functions, hosting NYSF Orientation and alumni events, as well as promoting their organisation during the NYSF Year 12 Program. Information about courses, events, and employment opportunities can also be distributed through NYSF communication tools and social media platforms throughout the year.

All major funding partners can be involved in the NYSF Year 12 Program, promoting their organisations and the work they do, participating in our Expo Display and speed-dating events, as well as having the opportunity to host members of each Year 12 cohort at NYSF follow-up Next Step programs and at alumni events.

NYSF is happy to negotiate funding packages based on the level of engagement sought by each organisation.

In addition to financial support these partnerships provide students with new insights into the worlds of tertiary study and research, and the many employment opportunities and career pathways that are evolving in our rapidly changing society.

To inquire about becoming a partner with the NYSF, please contact us.


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