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2023 STEM Challenge – Cosmos Podcast - feature image, used as a supportive image and isn't important to understand article

Have you been inspired to inform, educate, and raise awareness of science topics?

Spoken word presentation of stories – podcasting – is currently the fastest-growing media audience. 

The team at Cosmos and the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) would like to hear what you think should be on their podcast schedule!

Cosmos Podcast STEM Challenge

As an individual, your challenge is to write a short podcast pitch and a sample script for a science podcast. This may be a topic that you've always had an interest in, or a new topic that you've learned about at NYSF and you want to explain to the world!


Pitch a podcast to Cosmos!

The entry should include:

  • An outline of your idea, 'the pitch', in under 200 words
  • A sample script of 250 words for one speaker

When writing your pitch, consider why Cosmos listeners should be interested. Is there a timely, or engaging angle you could take?

Check that your topic hasn't already been recorded by Cosmos by searching through the catalogue here: 

The submission must be submitted via the Google Form below by: 5pm AEDT Sunday 22 January (extended).


The team at Cosmos will pick the top two entries.


The authors of the top two entries will be given the opportunity to work with Cosmos to expand and complete the script, which will then be recorded, produced, and posted on 

Details of your submissions may be published on the NYSF website for your peers and the public to celebrate! If you'd prefer that your entry not be public, please let us know. We use first names only when putting your work online. 

To submit an entry:

Fill in the Google Form below to submit your pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this challenge in a group?

The Cosmos Podcast STEM Challenge is an individual activity. We'd like to hear about your STEM interests! 

Can I submit more than one pitch?

Please submit only one pitch – the judges want to give each entry the time it deserves, and that can only happen if everyone is limited to one entry. 

Resources and inspiration

Have a look at the previously recorded Huh! Science Explained podcasts for an idea of how they work.