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NYSF 2018 Student Staff

Being a staffie was really a life changing event that allowed me to grow as a person in many...


NYSF 2018 Student Staff

The NYSF is such an empowering program, particularly as a staffie...


NYSF 2017 Alumnus

“During my time at NYSF I found clarity in my passion for science... I found NYSF so important.


Parent of NYSF 2017 student

"I would like to say how grateful we are for this incredible NYSF program

Professor Aidan Byrne, Provost

The University of Queensland

I've been involved with the NYSF for many years. I am confident that expanding the program.


NYSF 2017 Student Staff

Being a NYSF Staffie was the challenge I'd been waiting for my entire life.

Cornelia Cefai

NSTSS 2017 Participant

Attending the NSTSS definitely reinvigorated my love for and faith in science.

The NYSF Community

  • 1150+ Applicants
  • 21 Rotary Districts
  • 196 Lab Visits
  • 600+ Sessions
  • 20,000+ Hours
  • 42% From Regional Areas
  • 400 Participants
  • 22 Next Step Centres
  • 59% Female