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Students having fun with a 'Diet coke' and Mentos experiment

How do I apply to attend the NYSF Year 12 Program?

Please read all the information below before you start the process to apply.

The opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to apply for the NYSF Year 12 Program opens on 1 March each year. Applicants need to have submitted all documentation by the closing date of 31 May.

There are five steps to applying to attend the NYSF Year 12 Program:

  1. Start an Expression of Interest form
  2. Identify and contact a local Rotary Club to seek endorsement for your NYSF Expression of Interest
  3. Provide any information requested to the Rotary Club. This may include copies of your school reports, teacher references, and/or a printed copy of your Expression of Interest form
  4. Once you have secured the endorsement of a Rotary Club, pay the $60 application fee online, through your EOI form
  5. Participate in selections in your Rotary District

More detailed information on each of these steps is provided below.

If you would like to apply for an Equity Scholarship ($1,000 towards the program fees) you will need to do a separate application directly for the scholarship. Details on how to apply can be found here.

1. Start an Expression of Interest Form

To submit an EOI to attend the NYSF:

  1. Start an Expression of Interest form
  2. Enter your basic information
  3. Enter your next of kin’s details

Once this information has been submitted, you will receive an email with a username and password. When you have received this, return to the online system and log in. Edit any details, and supply additional information. Furthermore, please ensure you enter the following information accurately and completely:

  • You can change your username and password if you wish.
  • Enter the name you are commonly known by/ your given first name, eg, Margaret (Meg).
  • The Rotary club through which you intend to submit your final EOI.
  • School details, subject interests and university intentions.
  • 50 word summary, briefly describing yourself and your interests.
  • Small passport photo in JPEG format.

You can go back and edit the information in the form at any time before the 31 May deadline.

2. Identify and Contact a Local Rotary Club to Endorse your EOI

Selection of NYSF participants is conducted in local communities throughout Australia, organised through our relationship with Rotary clubs. You will need to identify and contact a Rotary club in your area to seek endorsement of your NYSF EOI. To find a Rotary Club near you, you can use the club finder search tool on Rotary's website. You can also find a list of Rotary districts here.

Click on the relevant Rotary district number for your area and find a club near where you live and contact it. You can also use a search engine to find information about that Rotary district. Your school may also have contacts with local members of Rotary clubs – remember to use existing networks to connect with your community.

It is not advisable to ask multiple clubs for support AT THE SAME TIME – however you may need to ask more than one club for its endorsement if you are not successful on the first occasion. If you have not had a response from a club within a reasonable timeframe that allows you to process and finalise your application, you should contact the NYSF District Chair for your area to seek assistance and guidance. If you do not already have their contact details, please contact us. Please note that all Rotary roles are performed by volunteers and applicants may need to be both patient, and persistent, in efforts to engage.

If you have immediate family members who are members of Rotary then you are more than welcome to apply. If possible, you should seek endorsement of your application from a different club to your family’s, and your family member should not be on any of your interview or selection panels. Please make the NYSF District Chair in your area aware of any family connections.

Student at NYSF Year 12 Program 2017

3. Provide any information requested to the Rotary Club

First of all, note that each Rotary Club may have different endorsement procedures. They may require a formal interview, or further details from you, such as copies of your school reports, teacher references, and/or a printed or electronic copy of the information provided in your NYSF Expression of Interest form.

Please note that endorsement does not mean you will receive any financial support from a Rotary club. You will need to negotiate that as part of your discussion and ensure that you and your family understand what, if any, level of financial support is available from a Rotary club.

Ensure you allow plenty of time to make contact a local Rotary Club and provide them with any information they request.

4. Pay the $60 application fee

Once you have secured the endorsement of a Rotary Club for your application, you need to pay the $60 application fee through the online Expression of Interest form. Please note this fee is non-refundable, even for applicants not selected to attend the NYSF Year 12 Program.

5. Participate in District Selections

If the Rotary club you identified agrees to endorse your application, you will be nominated to participate in a NYSF District Selection process. At selections, the NYSF District Chair will run a panel interview process or similar that will consider all of the district’s applicants on their merit. Your local NYSF District Chair will advise you on the process involved. You need to keep checking your emails and your NYSF online profile to see whether further information is required from you before proceeding to District Selections.

If you have any questions about this procedure that is not available on the NYSF online system please contact the NYSF office or call 02 6125 2777.

I have been involved in the National Youth Science Forum in some form for many years. I am confident that expanding the program into Queensland will provide valuable experiences and skills for students passionate about science, engineering and related disciplines.

— Professor Aidan Byrne, Provost, The University of Queensland