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During the third and final week of the program, participants took part in more expert lectures and workshops with STEM professionals.

There was a second Nobel Laureate lecture and challenge with ANU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brian Schmidt AC FRS FAA. Read more about Professor Schmidt’s lecture in our article about the two Nobel Laureate lectures.

One participant said, “I have always been really interested in Professor Brian Schmidt’s research so hearing from him was really exciting.”

Another memorable lecture was with Women In STEM Ambassador Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, who spoke about stargazing, astrophysics, and took students through her research journey. Read more in in our article about the session with Professor Harvey-Smith.

Dr Karl also returned this week and gave participants a glimpse into the future of STEM.

From one STEM communicator to others, participants also learnt how important accurate and inclusive STEM communication is, hearing from a group of STEM and communication experts including NYSF alumnus Dr Chris Hatherly, CEO of the Australian Academy of Science, and acclaimed journalist Virginia Haussegger AM.

Social activities for the program continued, including an online formal dinner, speed networking, and more virtual interest group meet-ups!

The final day of the 2021 Year 12 Program was filled with inspiration from a panel of Australia's Chief Scientists from each state, including:

They joined NYSF CEO, Dr Bagg, in a panel discussion about Australia's STEM future.

Western Australia Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken AC FAHMS FTSE and New South Wales Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS FAA were unfortunately unable to attend, however wished participants the best through video messages.

The event included short presentations from Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt AC FRS FAA, who announced the winner of his Nobel Laureate Challenge, and Scott Thompson from Lockheed Martin Australia & New Zealand. Mr Thompson congratulated participants on their completion of the program and gave inspiring insights into where a future STEM career could take students.

“I loved to hear what our chief scientists were doing, how they were involving more diversity in our STEM workforces and working towards greater social change in science,” said one participant about the closing event.

Read more in our article about the closing event.