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The dirty little secret of serving the community are the benefits you get out of it. Whenever you spend chopping onions for barbecue, directing traffic in a car park, painting a community hall, sending mosquito nets overseas or any of the thousands of other things Rotaract and Rotary clubs do, you’re learning, growing and making friends.
The people alongside you as you do this work can become some of your best friends because of your shared interests. There’s also a good chance you’ll find amongst them someone you might want to be more than friends with. You’ll meet people who can open doors to great jobs and great experiences, and you’ll open your heart to the world.
Rotaract is a service club that offers all these opportunities and more, but just for people aged 18-30. It’s part of Rotary so you have the support of 1.2million Rotarians around the world. You’ll find Rotaract clubs based in universities and communities all around the world, filled with people who just want to make the world a better place.
If you join Rotaract, you get to decide what kind of difference you make. Rotaractors will help out anyone who has a good idea to serve. If you want to raise funds for your local youth service, support a children’s refuge in Cambodia, or run a fun event in your town, Rotaract will let you do that and help you find others who think the same way.
It’s no good thinking you need to wait until you’re ‘an adult’ or ‘in a real job’ to be part of your community, because we want you to be part of it now.
To find out more, visit or search for Rotaract in Australia on Facebook.
by Travis Holland, District Rotaract Representative, Rotary District D9710