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Winter in Canbrrra? Brrring it on. - feature image, used as a supportive image and isn't important to understand article

A group of hardy NYSF 2018 participants braced themselves for the cold to participate in the Next Step Canberra program this week.

Australian National University’s Science department organised visits and activities covering chemistry (how much vitamin D is in orange juice?), biology, physics (Andrew Papworth rides again!) and psychology providing a good sample of the facilities, and insights into the research being conducted on campus.

For some who did NYSF in Brisbane, it was a first-look at the ANU’s facilities. For others, it was seeing sites that might not have been available to their interest groups during the January program. For everyone, it was a chance to catch up with friends and meet students from other sessions of the Year 12 Program.

Winter in Canbrrra? Brrring it on. - content image  Winter in Canbrrra? Brrring it on. - content image  Winter in Canbrrra? Brrring it on. - content image

Site tours around the region included the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, Leidos, ACT Pathology, and ALS Global, all reinforcing the variety of fields available for future STEM-related work.

The Next Step Canberra program coincided with our celebration of continuing financial support from Lockheed Martin Australia from 2018 through to the NYSF 2020 programs, and featured a tour the LMA Endeavour Centre and the chance to test out some of their high tech equipment including the Mars basecamp virtual reality demonstration, Radar demonstration, energy management scenarios, and games session on C4ISR.

We even made it on the news!