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If your question hasn't been answered below, please email for assistance. 

The Application Process 

Q: Is the application fee refundable if I don't get selected?

A: No. The application fee is a one-off non-refundable processing fee.

Q: I am still trying to contact our local Rotary Club to get an endorsement/sponsorship. Can I go ahead and complete my application as 'Self-funded' and then just update my details before the deadline once I have secured a Rotary Club endorsement/sponsorship?

A: It’s preferable that if you intend to apply with Rotary endorsement that you lock in the Rotary Club prior to submitting your application. However, if you are having problems getting in contact with a club please contact the NYSF and we will be able to put you in contact with a District Chair who may be able to help you.

If you do decide to submit your application as 'Self-funded' in the interim and are unable to secure funding via Rotary, your parents or guardian must be ready to pay for your full program participation fee. It should be noted that Rotary endorsement is no guarantee of actual funding.

Q: I have applied for a number of programs in January. If my application/s are successful, can I skip the last few days of the NYSF Year 12 Program so I can attend the other program as well?

A: The NYSF has a very strict policy regarding program attendance. A student cannot join late or leave during the program. There are many students who want to attend the program and only those committed to attending the full program will be selected. If you are selected to attend other programs in January, you will need to make a choice about which one you are going to go to.

Q: If my application is successful, can I select which session I can go to?

A: You will have the opportunity to discuss session preference at your Rotary District interview, however there is no guarantee you will be allocated the session you request as limited places are allocated to each District. There is an expectation that once sessions are allocated you ensure you are able to attend, however we are happy to discuss your requirements if they change. The NYSF keeps a list of students who have requested to move sessions so you might be able to swap with someone but this is strictly subject to availability.

Q: I have posted questions about my application on the NYSF Twitter and Facebook page, however, I haven't heard back anything.

A: There is no guarantee that your message on the NYSF social media will be seen. You should contact the NYSF directly with any queries by emailing

Q: How do I apply for an Equity Scholarship? 

A: Applications for Equity Scholarships will be open at a later date. This is a separate process to your program application. More information about Equity Scholarships can be found here.

Invoicing during COVID 19. If Student is offered a place on the program we intend to invoice in September/October for the attendance fee of $1900. This timing may change a little as we will be waiting until we are confident that the program will be able to proceed under COVID-19 restrictions prior to taking payment of any fees.

Rotary Interviews, Selections and Orientations

*To navigate the issue of limitations on gatherings, interviews, selections and orientations may be completed via online events instead of in-person in 2021. The NYSF will advise of any of these eventualities as soon as possible.

Q: I have already finalised and completed my application. What happens next?

A: After the closing date, all completed applications will be reviewed by your Rotary District Chairperson. Shortlisted students will then be invited for an interview conducted by the Rotary. District Chairs advise the NYSF of all successful students nominated by the Rotary District to attend the program. Anyone who is unsuccessful will also be notified by a Rotary Chairperson.

Q: I cannot attend the interview organised by the Rotary District, what should I do?

A: Respond to the Rotary District Chairperson who contacted you and discuss your situation. Alternative arrangements for an interview is subject to the Rotary District Chair's approval. Please note that organising the interviews involves a lot of logistical arrangements, so we recommend that you make the adjustment from your end instead of asking everyone to change their schedule.

Q: Do I have to attend an Orientation?

A: Orientations are organised by your Rotary Chairperson and are held to help answer any questions you and your family might have about January. We recommend that you try to attend as it’s a great time to meet your fellow NYSFers, but understand that it’s not always possible due to your location or other commitments. The NYSF runs online Orientations closer to the end of the year for anyone who cannot make it in person.

Q: My application is successful, and I have received the details from NYSF with the registration details. Should I then be organising my own travel arrangements?

A: NYSF will provide all selected students with a list of NSYF designated ports (usually within 1-2 two hours drive from a student's home). From this list, the student will then select their departure port and return port. The departure port is where you will be dropped off to catch your NYSF organised transport to either Canberra or Brisbane prior to the start of the program, and the return port is where you will be picked up at the end of the program, (often both ports are the same). NYSF will organise all travel arrangements between the departure and the return ports. Students should make their own arrangements to be dropped off at their selected departure port, and for pick up arrangements from their return port.