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The Water Corporation education team’s newest Australian Curriculum lesson has been developed for year 11 and 12 science students who want to learn about desalination. This lesson uses Integrated Science: Unit 3 – Water and Earth and Environmental Science: Unit 3 – Managing Earth Resources to help students understand what desalination is, the different types, where it occurs throughout the world and the different processes involved in seawater desalination.

“Like all of our lessons, teachers can save this lesson to their profile by logging into the Teachers section of our website.  All of our lessons are developed by teachers, for teachers and contain student activities, teacher background information and a downloadable PDF to help teach the subjects,” says Emily Rockwell, Team Leader Education.

The Desalination lesson encourages students to research desalination methods, produce an investigative report, trial osmosis and reverse osmosis experiments and develop a group presentation.

Visit Water Corporation’s website for the full lesson description.