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there’s always someone new and interesting

Lui Lawrence-Rangger is an NYSF alumnus (2014) who started a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Ecology, at the University of Queensland (UQ) this year.

Lui Lawrence-Rangger, NYSF Alumnus 2014 at University of Queensland - content image

Lui Lawrence Rangger and Sophie Noble, both NYSF students at the University of Queensland

“Coming from a class of a mere 22 students, I had always figured that moving up to university was going to be a massive lifestyle and social change. I have however been pleasantly surprised with the overall setting of UQ, and the work required of it.

Completing a major in Ecology, I had originally intended to apply for UQ because it was renowned for its environmental research programs, and it has not disappointed. A substantial amount of each of my week is taken up by practical and field work, which provides a great balance of challenging work, interesting content and real world applications to what we are learning in lectures.

UQ also has a fantastic support network; for every problem you could think of and more, there is always someone around who can help you out, be it through peer assisted study sessions, or one-on-one advice from your lecturers at allocated time slots. And there is a massive amount of traffic on its community websites, especially around the times to submit assessments, which can be a bit challenging.

UQ did an amazing job at providing me with the options I need, and the prerequisites to get where I want to go before my original attendance at the campus. The Advanced Study Programs in Science (ASPinS) has been an extremely informative part of my UQ experience, giving you personalised lectures from renowned researchers in their respective fields, as well as next year, giving valuable experience in what you are interested in pursuing – the sky is the limit. The workloads at times may be tough in comparison to high school, but so far it has been invaluable in providing the next natural step to what I want to pursue in life, and hopefully it will stay that way.

The university has massive diversity of social activities from groups, sporting clubs, and university sponsored events. One day there will be a multicultural market day set up right in the middle of the food court, the next a huge bubble soccer field arranged to use when you want. You are constantly surrounded by amazing people who are willing to help you out, whether they know you or not.

UQ also provides facilities for peer assisted study sessions for a selected slot each week, and there are plenty of groups and meet-ups which are arranged to help you with your studies, or just to enjoy uni life. There are 24/7 libraries, complete with refreshment rooms, group presentation rooms, and massive amounts of computers and desk space.

It's extremely reassuring to know that when you come into uni each day, that there's always someone new and interesting, who you can learn from and have a great time getting through uni life with.”