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In celebration of National Science Week and this year's theme Innovation: Powering Future Industries, we're opening the NYSF archives to showcase our Top 5 Tech webinars from the past few years.

Prepare yourself for intriguing discussions that explore technological innovation in medicine, environmental science, space industry and more! Featuring a diverse range of passionate STEM experts from across a wide range of fields, there's sure to be something of interest to everyone in these STEM sessions! 

Eager to see more? Join us online Tuesday 15th August at 7PM (AEST) for an open discussion and Q&A with Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM. Register now to secure your place!


Vaccines and Infectious Diseases: Research to results

In this discussion, we are joined by Associate Professor Asha Bowen who is a clinician-researcher at the Perth Children’s Hospital and Program Head of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases based at Telethon Kids Institute. The discussion is hosted by 2008 NYSF alum Dr Catherine Wheller, who has worked on research communication for global health and future technologies projects.


Saving our ecosystems

In this webinar, we delve into the ways mathematical analysis and modelling, biological research, and even economics and artificial intelligence contribute to how we make decisions about managing Australian ecosystems in the face of threats like bushfires and climate change. We explore the STEM behind data collection, modelling, and analysis and how we can do better with available resources to preserve Australian landscapes and biodiversity.

Featuring Professor Eve McDonald-Madden of the University of Queensland, Professor Jason Sharples of UNSW Canberra, and Dr Sam Nicol of CSIRO, with host Dr Jarrod McKenna of NYSF.


Tech innovation: Life at the cutting edge of STEM

Innovation continually transforms our lives – it is central to breakthrough discoveries, boosting productivity, creating jobs and generating economic and social wellbeing. In this webinar, an inspiring group of panellists will discuss the importance of innovation, and how Australia’s defence capability is driving innovation that has flow-on benefits for society more broadly. Hear from the panel members about what they do in their current STEM roles, the pathways they have taken to get there, and the exciting new technologies and innovations that are emerging within their fields of work.


Citizen science

John Pring has studied engineering and worked with the Navy and Geoscience Australia. John discusses Citizen Science as an opportunity for anyone to participate in real science research - which adds to the data that researchers work on, or contribute to research questions.


Space jobs: not just for rocket scientists!

In this session, a panel of experts from a range of different areas of the space industry come together to chat about the huge variety of career pathways available in the field, and how space jobs are for everyone! Featuring Aude Vignelles, Chief Technology Officer of the Australian Space Agency; Martin James, Ground Systems Lead for Lockheed Martin Space; and Andrea Boyd, Deputy Lead of Astronaut Operations, European Space Agency, the panel highlights how medicine, satellite technology, cybersecurity, engineering, law, food technology, psychology, even arts and design all have important roles in space!


Feeling inspired? Then don't forget to tune into our National Science Week webinar - Innovation: Powering The Future, featuring Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM. We will explore the latest innovations, challenges and what we can expect for future careers in Australia. 

We look forward to you joining us on Tuesday 15th August at 7PM (AEST) for this open discussion and Q&A.

Register for the webinar here!