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Thank you Rotarians! - feature image, used as a supportive image and isn't important to understand article

We've estimated that each year, Rotary volunteers contribute over 20,000 hours to supporting the program!

As NYSF's Founding Partner - Rotary Australia, contributions to the Year 12 Program cannot be underestimated. Not only do Rotarians from around Australia sort through the 1200+ program applications to select 600 students, but they also host orientations for the successful students and spend the remainder of the year advocating the benefits of the program. Their hard work doesn't end there! During the Program 20 Rotary volunteers stayed onsite with students, looking after students first aid requirements and student staff wellbeing. We've estimated that each year, Rotary volunteers contribute over 20,000 hours to supporting the program! 

We sat down with the Rotary volunteers at the NYSF 2020 Year 12 Program to find out why they dedicate their time to the NYSF, and why they continue to return year after year. 

"I think NYSF is a good program and can really help students to clarify the first steps towards a career at the same time as showing them new avenues of interest and new careers they hadn’t thought of." -Gil, Session B

"I volunteer because there are some students that may not be dux of the school, but have so much potential if given an opportunity they just grow from that."- Debbie, Session A

"As a Rotary volunteer, being involved in these youth programs keeps you in touch with the younger generations, and they are the future of our world. There are an awful lot of Rotarians who don’t understand the NYSF, you need to experience it to understand the impact it has on the year 12’s." - John, Session A

"As a Rotarian – I have heard about the phenomenal experience and the only way to see the experience was to volunteer in my capacity as a Rotarian. An ‘NYSF-like experience’ does not exist in any format for mid career professionals, so I maximised the benefits of being a Rotarian and applied." - Diane, Session A

Over the 10-days spent together during the Year 12 Program, a connection is formed between the Rotary volunteers and students. With a lifetime of experience under their belt, we asked the Rotarians for one piece of advice they would give the current students:

“Don’t assume everything you’re told is true”- Rob, Session A

"Take advantage of the networks you have established. Attend alumni events if you can and share useful information with others who may be interested. Don’t give up if things get difficult and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it." - Gil, Session B

"Make the most of all the appropriate opportunities you have been made aware of. Apply for every support grant, and expect refusals as well as acceptances. Try to maintain the wonderful new friendships you have made with all the like-minded students."- Patricia, Session B

"Grab the opportunity with both hands and even if it's something you're not sure about, give it ago. You might surprise yourself!"- Kate, Session A

“Reach high! The best is always kept upon life’s topmost shelves, but not beyond our reach if we will reach beyond our selves.” - Yvonne, Session A (quoting H. Marshall)

We would like to thank all the Rotary volunteers who assisted at all stages of the program- be it be sorting applications or support during sessions. With your continued support we are able to provide the life changing experience that is the NYSF Year 12 Program. 

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