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Going to uni is a lot different to high school; there is no one looking out for you

Shivani Shah is an NYSF alumna (2014) from Sydney who is studying Advanced Science at UNSW Australia.

“The degree’s scope is excellent, it allows you to tailor your degree to what your interests are, especially as they keep changing as you learn more.

Going to uni is a lot different to high school; there is no one looking out for you, you choose when you want to go to class and if you want to go to class. It lets you become more mature and organised and you start to learn about who you are as a person.

A lot of NYSF friends joined me at UNSW, which has made the transition much easier. Since not many people from my school came with me, having people that I knew in my classes made it easier to adjust to uni.

Shivani Shah, NYSF Alumna, 2014 at UNSW Australia - content image

Shivani Shah, NYSF Alumna 2014 at UNSW

The way of life at UNSW is great, there is always something to do, whether it is involving yourself in all the clubs and societies – and yes, there is an NYSF Association at UNSW - playing in the sport teams, or even attending events held by the university. The student life at UNSW is very good, there is so many different options based on what interests you have. It’s a great way to meet friends and get involved.

It’s fair to say that UNSW wasn’t always where I had thought I wanted to go, but after attending the NYSF Sydney Next Step program, I started considering UNSW much more, which led me to my final decision of studying here. And I am so happy with my choice.”