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Congratulations and welcome to the NYSF Alumni community! 

You have now completed the 2021 NYSF Year 12 Program and you will be joining the ranks of over 13,000 NYSF Alumni who have participated in the National Science Summer School or National Youth Science Forum Year 12 Program.

Now that you are have finished the program, we would like for you to consider how you can spread the word about the Year 12 Program and promote its benefits to your school and local communities.  As our alumnus, you are our best ambassador. 

You can:

  1. Write a short article for your school newsletter about your NYSF experience. Or, write a paragraph letting students know about the opportunity to apply for NYSF in January 2022, and directing people to our website –;
  2. Talk at your school assembly or to your science classes about the NYSF opportunity – a draft presentation will be issued soon
  3. Make sure you like the NYSF Facebook page, and then share information about the opportunity when we start promoting the NYSF 2022 program;
  4. Visit the Rotary club that endorsed your participation so that they can hear about your experience and continue to support others;
  5. Contact your local newspaper or radio station to tell them about your NYSF experience. Please email if you would like support in doing this.

Please find the 2021 NYSF Year 12 Program media release HERE that you can use to shape a school newsletter or local newspaper article. 

While you might find some of the above tasks a bit challenging, everything is achievable and you will continue the learning experience that the NYSF offers. Being able to speak to groups of all different sizes, and report on activities you’ve undertaken will be really valuable in your future work and study, and this is a great opportunity to practice.