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Congratulations to Adam de Totth, who was voted in as Secretary of the Council of the National Science Summer School Inc (which operates the National Youth Science Forum) in November 2013.  He takes over from Ian Sayers, who stood down from the role in August 2013.  Ian had served as Secretary of the Council since 2004.

“Ian’s contribution to the Council in the role as Secretary has been invaluable,” says Chair, Dr Craig Cormick.  “I would like to thank him for his long-term commitment and contribution to the organisation and wish him all the best in the future.”

Geoff Burchfield, whose role as the NYSF Director coincided with Ian's tenure as Secretary, says, "For as long as I can recollect, Ian has been one of the strongest supporters of the NYSF - all the time as a volunteer!  He was always open to new ideas, even if they were out of his comfort zone.  And I was able to rely on his honest opinion, knowing he would have carefully weighed the options before forming his views.  For that, I thank him."

Adam de Totth has been District Chair of Rotary District 9710 for four years and will step down from that role in 2014.

Passing the pen - content image

Adam de Totth is new secretary for National Science Summer School Council

“Adam brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about how Rotary interacts with the NYSF program,” says Dr Cormick, “and I am sure that his insights and understanding will provide guidance in the coming years.”