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The NYSF is fortunate to be supported by a large number of organisations that host visits to their facilities and research teams during the January Sessions.

Access to these world leading organisations is one of the things that makes the NYSF unique and without the support from our lab and site visit providers – many of which develop content specifically for the NYSF students – the NYSF would be a lesser program.

For students, it provides them with the opportunity to participate in a “hands-on” environment during each lab session and allows them the opportunity to learn from real scientists and engineers.

NYSF thanks to contributing organisations - content image

image courtesy Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia is one of several organisations that offer science experiences to NYSF students each year.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chris Pigram, highlighted the importance of current students having access to Australia's leading geoscientists and being exposed to cutting edge groundwater investigation techniques.

"By applying themselves to a topic of national importance like groundwater, we hope the students will further engage in science and ultimately follow a geoscience career," Dr Pigram explained.

"We know water security in arid Australia, for example, is going to be one of the most important resource issues we face in ensuring community sustainability into the future. Drawing upon today's leading science students could mean the difference in solving tomorrow's national challenges - such as water security," he said.

Read more about the groundwater activity undertaken by the NYSF students at Geoscience Australia during this year’s session.

A list of all the NYSF 2015 contributing organisations is available here.