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The NYSF is delighted to announce that the Student Staff Leaders (Chiefs of Staff) for 2016 are Brett Slarks from Mt Gambier in South Australia, who will lead Session A, and Meg Trinder-McCartney from Princess Hill in Victoria will lead Session C.

When Meg heard of her appointment she said, “Being given the opportunity to continue my engagement with this incredible program is both a thrill and an honour. So many of my current aspirations, skills and insights have been gained through my previous involvement with the NYSF, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to contribute these to the formation of a truly phenomenal 2016 program!”

NYSF Student Staff Leaders for 2016 - content image

Meg Trinder-McCartney

For Brett, “Since 2011, the NYSF has been integral in assisting me with my career pathway in science, developing personal attributes, and expanding my network within the Australian scientific community. Every time I have returned to participate in the NYSF January sessions, I have always gained far more than I could possibly contribute back. The NYSF is a unique program, and I am truly honoured to have been asked to return as the Chief of Staff for the 2016 January Session A Program. I look forward to the journey ahead, guiding the student staff for 2016, and in assisting the next generation of eager Year 12 students find and expand their interest within the STEM fields."

NYSF Student Staff Leaders for 2016 - content image

Brett Slarks

Congratulations to them both.