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Will your dream job still be there when you finish uni?

As you enter your final years of school life you’re probably thinking pretty hard about what you’ll do next. There seem to be so many options, thousands of degrees to choose from and hundreds of decisions to make.

But don’t panic. ANU has a degree for you and one that is firmly focused on the future and a job at the end would be useful, right?

To help you choose the right degree we’ve put together a handy career wheel called “Find your future career” which helps you match your current interests, like physics, with one of our degrees, let’s say a Bachelor of Science, and the possible career outcomes that will be available to you at the end such as biophysicist, material scientist or meteorologist.

Oh and we’ve also had a little bit of help from the man in the top job at ANU. Professor Brian Schmidt, you may have heard of him. He proved the universe is accelerating and won a Nobel Prize for it … anyway, Professor Schmidt knows science and he knows how important it is for our future.

“In the short term, science helps make our lives better; but in the long term, it will be crucial to our continued affluent survival,” Professor Schmidt said.

“Here at ANU you can take your science degree and combine it with economics, arts, or whatever you want, to give you this incredibly broad foundation. You will not get a better opportunity in Australia and very few opportunities like this exist in the world.”

News from ANU Engineering and Computer Science

Meet ANU Engineering Research and Development student and NYSF Alumna Emily Rees, who has big dreams of making a real difference to people’s lives.

News from The Australian National University - content image

Emily Rees ANU Engineering student and 2014 NYSF Alumna

“Engineering can be whatever you want it to be – it can be super creative and innovative or it can be very standard and straightforward. Basically there is huge scope in engineering to carve out your own niche and do what you love. What is particularly great is that engineering has tangible real-world impacts and this can be incredibly rewarding. There is a massive lack of women in STEM fields which means we’re missing out on having a say on the future and the technology we will be using. Engineers, and particularly female engineers, are in high-demand in Australia and globally, so this is certainly a career that can provide travel opportunities, and lots of opportunities in general.”

To learn more about Emily’s study and career pathway, visit ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.