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This month a group of NYSF alumni  launched a new website to help people delve into the inquisitive side of their brain. Aptly named Curious Science, the website's purpose is to encourage more young people to take an interest in science by making it more accessible, interesting and engaging. The website is a place to share achievements, discuss recent science news, teach one another and find science events and lectures that are free to attend.

The website also aims to encourage more young people to get involved in science camps and programs, such as the NYSF, as a way to kick-start a career in science.

Visit the website at for explanations of scientific phenomena, How-To’s, opinion pieces, and upcoming events every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Curious Science was started by 2014 alumni as a way to share their passion for science. It is a place to record what they have learnt and spread the word about their achievements. Curious Science welcomes all contributions - if you have an article you’d like to write or see written, please let them know!

by Claudia Schipp