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If you're thinking to yourself "This website is different to the last time I visited," you would be right. We have recently launched our new site, which we know will assist readers in finding information about the NYSF and our activities, including how to apply for the Year 12 Program.

If you have already started an Expression of Interest, don't worry, your information is safely stored on our database. Just hover over the Log In button on the top right hand corner of any page, and you will be taken to the existing NYSF database. You can log in from there, as normal.

If you want to start an Expression of Interest, you can do the same - click on the Log In button, and go through the process of starting to apply to attend the NYSF 2018.

If you are a Rotary District Chair or an alumni member of the NYSF, you can also Log In to your profile through this button.

Please Contact Us if you have any issues with this access.

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