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Thanks to Dave Snowdon (NYSF 1998) who got in touch to identify all of the people in this photo, which was published in the July issue of NYSF Outlook. Dave writes,

“The photo is of the session when I was staff. I'm sitting on top of the Kombi. Good times!”

The people in the photo are (left to right, top to bottom):

Matt Wenham, Ashley Norris, David Snowdon, Gavin Uncle, Simon Angus, Emily Tyson, Emma Jamieson, Glenn Gooding, Ewan O’Brien, Sarah Dunning, Lachlan McIver, Rod Jory, Rebecca Shakovsky, Gina Bilenkij

Down memory lane - content image

NYSF 1999 Session A student staff

Dave says, “I’m still in touch with a few of the people here… Rod Jory and Gavin Uncle in particular. A truly wonderful group of people — attending NYSF was a pivotal event for me.”

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