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We're excited to introduce you to the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Chiefs of Staff! Read their thoughts on what to expect in January and apply for the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program here!

Meet your 2023 Chiefs of Staff - content image

The 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Chiefs of Staff. From left to right: Libby, Aadya and Isaac

Hello! It's Libby, Aadya, and Isaac here. We are your three Chiefs of Staff for the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program!

There are thousands of NYSFers around the world and we would like to welcome you as the latest and greatest cohort! Congratulations!

The NYSF Staffie team is super keen to meet you all in January and get underway with what will be another awesome NYSF Year 12 Program. We can’t wait to share the science, the experiences, the fun and (of course) the friendships with you all.

NYSF will open your eyes, build your skills and confidence, give you a network of hundreds of like-minded students and change your life. The program in January is just the beginning...

See you soon!


It's been nearly 4 years since my first day at the NYSF and every day this program continues to influence my life in ways that surprise me. Whether it be meeting a fellow NYSFer at university, remembering something I learned in a guest lecture, or changing my degree to follow my passion.

I am so excited to see where the digital and STEM Hub format takes us this year and the new opportunities it presents to our Staffie team to run the best program for you. The chance to meet amazing like-minded people is something that will change your lives forever, and lectures with experts from all over Australia (and the world!) will open your minds to the diversity of STEM.

NYSF set me on my path to studying physiotherapy at the University of Sydney after a STEM visit to a sports science centre instigated a passion in me and the NYSF Staffies encouraged me to dive into my passion despite how frightening the change may be.

My advice for all incoming NYSFers would be to go in with your mind and eyes open. It is best not to have too many expectations as each day will be a surprise!


There are few things quite as energising as surrounding yourself with people who care and want to do better by the world. NYSF is an exceptional opportunity to do just that: to learn from passionate people and to let yourself be excited by it.

I didn’t see myself as a ‘Science Person’ in school and hearing from Staffies and other NYSFers who shared in this helped me to appreciate the range of opportunities that exist between science and everything else. I am now studying a Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges where I major in Mathematics. I followed mentors I found at NYSF to this course, and I am so grateful for how it pushes me to think critically and create an impact through science.

To incoming NYSFers: The only thing I can say is that it’s not just a "science camp". I can’t say exactly what it is, I’m not sure I even know yet, but it is undoubtedly something remarkable. Thank you for trusting us with your time, I’m looking forward to joining you in learning and laughing in January!


NYSF is one of the most fantastic, horizon-broadening, science-learning, friend-making, and fun-having programs that you will do! And we can't wait to share it with you in January!

Beyond school, the world of possibilities is wild and diverse and it's not until you throw yourself in the deep end that you even get a taste of where you might be in the future. In high school, I always thought I would eventually have to choose to pursue my love for humanities or science. I have loved the opportunity to explore the interface between these two, and hope we can give you a glimpse in January and beyond.

Regardless of how ‘into’ science you are, NYSF can help clarify your trajectory into the future and facilitate the growth and relationships that you will cherish for years to come. Just be sure you come with an open mind and a warm smile.

NYSF is not something we can give to you, it is an opportunity you claim for yourself! So take it and run, in no time you'll be shocked how far you've gone!

Do you want to become an NYSFer in January 2023? Apply for the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program here!