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Hiya! Tish, Rahn, and Charlotte here, your 2022 Chiefs of Staff. Firstly, we would like to congratulate and welcome you to the NYSF tribe.

Each and every one of you should be incredibly proud of making it this far and it’s only just the beginning.

You are now part of the NYSF network, something that you will carry with you and that will support you for the rest of your lives, from your first day of university or training to each and every job interview.

Before all of that, there are still 12 days of jam-packed new experiences, new friendships, and bucket-loads of fun waiting for you all. Our entire team is ecstatic to kick off the 2022 program. See you all very soon! (Only 13 more weeks… but who’s counting)

The 2022 NYSF Year 12 Program Chiefs of Staff Tish, Charlotte, and Rahn

The 2022 NYSF Year 12 Program Chiefs of Staff. From left to right: Tish, Charlotte, and Rahn


NYSF is advertised as 12 days of science, but don’t be fooled! It has been 1,359+ days since the first day of my student session and I have learnt FAR more than just science.

NYSF laid the foundation for the pillars that now uphold my life; service, science, and adventure leading me to study medicine with future plans of a career in public health and epidemiology.

So take the leap, make new connections and be open to new interests for I assure you; you will be surrounded by a group of incredible young people who will be the next ‘greats’ of our generation.



Year after year the NYSF program never fails to delight and surprise me!

Whether it be making lifelong friends or opening your eyes to the world of science, NYSF has something for absolutely everyone.

I would encourage you all to take a deep dive into the program, as you are exposed to areas of science you have never heard of before, find your passion and make lifelong friends along the way.

My NYSF experience helped shape my thinking and has led me to pursue studying Medical and Data Science at Sydney University. I can’t wait to meet you all and see what NYSF 2022 has in store for you.



Talk to anyone who’s been to NYSF; they’ll probably say something along the lines of “it literally changed my life”. While this may sound sappy, it is far from an overstatement.

Raised in a country town, I attended the same school from prep to year 12, with only 20 others in my grade. As you may expect, my exposure to STEM and like-minded people was scarce. Despite this, I always believed I’d go on to study astrophysics.

NYSF changed all of this. I discovered my love for computer science and met hundreds of mates who share my passions and curiosity. The NYSF set me on the path I am on today, whilst showing this country-bumpkin that there are plenty of others out there like me, and bountiful STEM fields to be explored.