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As the 2024 NYSF Year 12 Program gears up, we're thrilled to announce the addition of two dynamic communications interns to the NYSF team! With boots on the ground in Canberra and Brisbane, they're all set to capture the essence, excitement, and lasting impact of this incredible event.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce Joy, our enthusiastic communications intern for Brisbane! If her face seems familiar, it might be because you crossed paths with her earlier this year at the National Youth STEM Summit or read our interview with her following the event.

Curious to know what Joy has been up to since then? Dive deeper into her STEM journey and learn more about what she's most excited about as a communications intern for the upcoming 2024 NYSF Year 12 Program!

Introducing Joy!

Meet our 2024 Brisbane Communications Intern! - content image

Joy (second from the left) alongside other delegates from the National Youth STEM Summit (2023).

Hi! My name is Joy, I’m a 2021 NYSF Alum, and in 2024 I’ll be starting my third year of a Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges at Monash University. I’m majoring in Microbiology; a field of science that interests me greatly due to the significant social applications of the discoveries made in this field. These include addressing issues such as climate emissions, food or plastic waste, the burden of poverty, and species conservation - just to name a few. The little microbes themselves (bacteria, viruses, etc) are pretty fascinating too!

What have you been up to since attending the NYSF?

Since the 2021 NYSF Year 12 Program, I’ve commenced my studies at Monash University and in my free time, I enjoy going skateboarding and bouldering with friends. I also love cooking and curling up with a good book or movie! 

Meet our 2024 Brisbane Communications Intern! - content image

Delegates of the 2023 National Youth STEM Summit outside Parliament House.

Why are you excited to be a communications intern in 2024?

I’m super excited to be a communications intern because I think science communication is such an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of science. The process of making new discoveries feels almost redundant if we are unable to tell the wider community about the advancements being made and how they will benefit from them. It is for this reason that I am keen to pursue science communication as a career pathway, and being one of the communication interns for the 2024 NYSF Year 12 program will really help me develop my skills in this area. This is one of the first stepping stones along the pathway of where I want to go!

I’m also particularly excited about the 2024 NYSF Year 12 program because I attended my 2021 NYSF Year 12 program online. I’ve heard fantastic things about the in-person program from previous NYSF alumni, so I am very excited to experience the program in real life, albeit from a slightly different perspective!

What advice do you have for the 2024 NYSF participants to make the most out of their experience?

My advice to new NYSF students would be to talk to as many different people as possible and expand your personal circle. The NYSF Year 12 program provides a unique opportunity to meet a wide range of bright, talented and hard-working people from many different walks of life. You never know who you’re going to meet and who will become your new best friend!