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Stay tuned for articles, videos and photos from NYSF2018 Session A!

The ability to communicate effectively is an important part of any career, and vital to the success of an organisation. As such, each NYSF session engages two alumni as ‘Communications Interns’, who stay in residence with the students and student staff for the duration of the program. This role involves assisting the Communications Team in capturing stories about the activities of the students while they attend the program, contributing to the ongoing promotion of the NYSF. Not necessarily studying in the area, the role provides a development opportunity, with the interns being supported to develop their skills over the time they are involved.

Session A is proud to be represented by two leading ladies, Brooke and Hayley. Keep reading for some background about these superstars!

Meet the Comms Interns! - content image

Brooke Krajancich

Hi there! I’m Brooke, and I am super excited to be back at the NYSF. I hail from Perth, and study at the University of Western Australia where I’ve just completed my Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and mathematics. After completing an awesome Honours project in the field, I hope to continue working in research and development of med tech, tackling some the world’s biggest healthcare problems by engineering new technologies and devices. I attended Session A of NYSF in 2013 and then went on one of the International Programs later in the year called the International Science Summer School Heidelberg! I cannot thank both of these programs enough for giving me the confidence to pursue engineering and helping me to see the possibilities of a career in research. As hobbies, I love science communication, playing netball, and musical theatre, but in my down-time, you’ll find me cuddled up watching Netflix with something full of sugar!

I applied to be a Communications Intern this year because I believe that the ability to communicate your scientific research is essential for a successful career. This provided an awesome opportunity to develop media training, while getting to come back for another session of NYSF. Bring on lots of science, behind the scenes videos and lots of fun!

Meet the Comms Interns! - content image

Hayley Miller

Hi! I’m Hayley and I grew up in a small country town in Central West NSW. I attended Session B in 2013 which was held in Perth. I currently work three jobs whilst studying full-time at the University of Canberra. I am in my fourth year of my undergraduate studies; Bachelor of Forensic Science and a Bachelor of Laws. At the completion of my undergraduate studies I am planning to complete both my honours in either Forensic Linguistics or Forensic Pathology. I am also planning to complete my honours in Law focussing on Evidence Law.

In the future I will hopefully gain employment with the Australian Federal Police within their Forensics Division. You can often find me on the ultimate frisbee field, catching up with friends, snuggling up with a good book or five, travelling the world or watching interesting law cases at the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Courts. The National Youth Science Forum played a pivotal role in my study and career choices for which I am forever grateful. I applied to be a Communications Intern with the National Youth Science Forum for 2018 to enhance my knowledge about the application of science in a wide variety of disciplines whilst developing my communication skills. I believe that success in all areas of life starts with your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas with others.  I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of the participants throughout the session.

Keep a look out for these two running around on session, and stay tuned for articles, videos and photos showing behind the scenes NYSF Session A insights!

Meet the Comms Interns! - content image

Brooke Krajancich, Communications Intern NYSF 2018 Session A and NYSF Alumna 2013

Hayley Miller, Communications Intern NYSF 2018 Session A and NYSF Alumna 2013