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What happens to the human body in space? How small is a nanoparticle? And just what is dark matter? Nova, the Australian Academy of Science’s website for curious minds, has been answering these questions since its launch just four months ago.

Nova’s most popular topics include the enhanced greenhouse effect, the chemistry of cosmetics, and bio-plastics. With all things ‘space’ hitting the headlines, Nova has added topics exploring what happens to the human body in space, the realities of colonising Mars, the possibilities of life beyond Earth, and the dark stuff of our universe. Other new topics include nanoscience and noise pollution.

Humans in space and dark stuff: are you curious? - content image


New content is added weekly, so there’s always something different to explore. And Nova is proud to announce that its engaging and intuitive design has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Australian Graphic Design Association awards.

With the success of our first two collaborative videos on bees and dark matter, the Nova team, backed by some of Australia’s brightest scientists, is working with German animators Kurzgesagt on another video which will explain quantum computing. Watch this space!

Indulge your curiosity at, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Got an idea for a possible topic? Then tell us about it…you never know, it might make the cut!