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Over at Griffith University the hands-on activities began with participants exploring the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD).

GRIDD is a research institute fighting against the world’s most devastating diseases.

Researchers at GRIDD showed participants what a career in biomolecular and biomedical sciences looks like, which is key to Drug Discovery.

“Really enjoyed learning about the drug development timeline and testing phases, particularly on the Malaria vaccine being developed at GRIDD,” said a Brisbane participant.

Science is golden

At the Gold Coast campus, participants took part in a range of STEM activities.

Taking things into tech, a hands-on workshop encouraged participants to think about the possibilities of intelligent digital technologies in gaming and robotics.

They then developed an integrative game using Unity3D, an industry-leading application.

At Griffith’s School of Engineering and the Built Environment, participants built miniature wind turbines and tested them a in a wind tunnel.

The workshop showed students how to test their blade design and calculate wind power to compare with electrical power output to determine the turbines’ efficiency.

Participants also headed to Sea World to discover the amazing world of sea jellies.

They followed this up with a visit to the working research laboratory on site at Sea World that’s staffed with researchers from Griffith University.

Griffith University, Brisbane and the Gold Coast - content image