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The Water Corporation of Western Australia uses an innovative approach in selecting graduates to present at the January sessions of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF).

Graduates submit a presentation on their chosen field, and from there a short-list of four candidates is selected to present to a panel. Then the two most compelling presenters are chosen to represent the Water Corporation across three sessions at NYSF.

The aim of each presentation is to spark interest in the water industry in the minds of talented young people, and build awareness of the Water Corporation’s graduate program and employment prospects.

The Water Corporation offers its graduates the chance to present because it’s a fantastic development opportunity. They can also relate well to the students because they’ve been through similar deliberations and decisions about their future, in the not so distant past.

Graduate Chemist from the Water Corporation’s Technology and Energy Management Branch, Ben Currell, was lucky enough to be selected to present at NYSF earlier this year.

“It was great to see so many enthusiastic young students, and I really enjoyed being able to share my passion for science with a new generation of potential scientists,” Ben said.

Graduates from Water Corporation vie to present at NYSF - content image

(image courtesy Water Corporation, WA)

Project Manager, Daniel Jackson, (pictured above) also from Technology and Energy Management Branch, presented in Canberra and Perth.

“The best and brightest young minds gathered at the NYSF, where I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to hundreds of students about all the possibilities of a career in science and engineering on behalf of the Water Corporation,” Daniel said.

“It was a great to not only experience speaking in public in a professional context but also to connect with some extremely clever and motivated young adults who in the coming years will be clamouring for an opportunity to test their mettle in the sciences.”