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Try something new! You'll never know what will spark an idea or plant a seed for a life-long passion...check out the featured visits below!

Time to expand your mind and check out our featured visits in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney/Newcastle!

 Have you registered to join the STEM Hub Opening Events?

The Opening Events at the Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney/Newcastle STEM Hubs are a fantastic way to meet your local cohort and hear from keynote speakers!


Book now! Adelaide (SA) Eventbrite

Mon 16 January PM | Chat directly with STEM experts at the Speed-Meet! Find out what they do and how they got there. You never know, this might be the conversation that sparks your dream career! 

Tue 17 January AM | Try something new at the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy Campus! You'll take part in an immersive visit to the working farm, visit the state-of-the-art labs and hear from students at the vet clinic. From improving biosecurity, to antimicrobial resistance research... give it a go!

Why not head from this visit into the CBD for a visit to SA Water? 

Tue 17 January PM | Do you value innovation, sustainability, and community? Join SA Water and learn about careers that have a huge impact in the community.

Wed 18 January FULL DAY | This your chance to ask all your engineering and space questions at the University of South Australia! Join a very hands-on visit where you'll learn loads and solve problems together with your fellow NYSFers. Technical facilities include immersive virtual teaching environments, and laboratories focused on robotics, augmented reality, geotechnical engineering, and more!


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Mon 16 January PM | Are you joining us at UQ in the morning? Continue the fun at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success! Global demand for plant production is at an all-time high – how can we improve ecosystem management, crop resilience, and yield? Join the debate!

Tue 17 January AM | Do you like all the sciences? Find out what geobiology, geochemistry, and geophysics are all about at the Queensland Institute of Technology - Earth Sciences and how you can apply them to understanding natural disasters. Earth Science is a field that will surprise you and could open up a new and exciting passion!

Wed 18 January PM | Like the sound of Earth Science from the previous visit? This time, you can explore the world of microfossils and pollen at the University of Queensland - Earth Sciences! These are incredibly important in the study of past climates and ocean temperatures. See them for yourself (you'll never look at a beach the same way again!)


Book now! Canberra (ACT) Eventbrite

Mon 16 January PM | Do you know that science and art are perfect matches? You might be drawing building designs, sketching a fault plane in the field, sharing wildlife diversity to the public, or communicating ways for the community to take up climate action. Train your creative eye at Nature Art Lab

Tue 17 January PM | When people think of a coder or programmer, it’s often strongly associated with software development and tech innovation – not usually with artistic expression. Come see the intersection of virtual reality, IT and music with a music programming workshop at the ANU College of Engineering,& Computer Science (CECS)!

Wed 18 January PM | Join the ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society – a centre for cross-disciplinary environmental research and education – to learn about food science. What better way to explore food processes than through milk and cheese!

Thu 19 January AM | Another session at the ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society, this time you'll be getting your hands dirty with soil science! This is a vitally important field that impacts everyday life from what we can plant to what we can eat. A great opportunity to hear about how soil science can help a changing climate.


Book now! Melbourne (VIC) Eventbrite

Mon 16 January PM | Catch a tram from the Speed-Meet at Monash Parkville into the CBD for a visit to Metro Tunnel HQ! See how you can be a part of large infrastructure projects that have massive impacts on the way communities interact with their environment. Who doesn't love trains! 

Thu 19 January AM | Join a bespoke behind-the-scenes tour with scientific illustrators and designers at the Melbourne Museum. Are you creative and science-y? This could be just the pathway for you! You'll hear about design process, audience analysis, material selection, prototyping, and project challenges.

Thu 19 January AM | Want to solve the mysteries of the universe?  Swinburne University is running two sessions, one on dark matter experimentation the other on gravitational waves. Check out the work of Victoria's largest astronomical research group! 


Book now! Perth (WA) Eventbrite

Tue 17 January AM |Calling those interested in engineering! At GHD - The Airport Line you'll meet with architects and engineers who were part of the exciting (and massive!) project to extend Perth's rail network. Investigate the design process and explore the project's complexities and challenges.

Thu 19 January AM | "Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated." Do you agree? Learn about the work that science communicators at the University of WA do in a workshop where you'll create your own science communications strategy for some of society's most “wicked problems”. Who will you communicate with? How will you communicate with them? What do you need to say to persuade people to change?

Wed 18 January PM | It's marine science time at the WA Shipwrecks Museum! Find out what 'Marine Archaeology' is and how studying shipwrecks is linked to modern forensics. Careers lead to studying diverse maritime sites, such as iron ship archaeology and underwater aviation archaeology! Now that's something different!


Book now! Sydney and Newcastle (NSW) Eventbrite

Mon 16 January PM | Welcome to the wonderful world of plants! Discover what a career at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney is all about as the team of horticultural specialists and researchers show you how plants reproduce and are conserved. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and Australian Botanic Garden make up Australia's oldest scientific institution. For more than 200 years the Garden has advanced our understanding of plant life in NSW and Australia!

Wed 18 January AM | Want to know how the 3M Aura mask is made? Or Post-It Notes? Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress. See how to apply science and innovation to make a real impact in every person’s life around the world.