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NYSF Expression of Interests for January 2017 has now closed with the number of applications received being consistent with previous years. We are looking forward to working with our Rotary friends through the selection process for a new cohort of NYSF Session participants.

A few weeks ago, our Deputy Chair, Andrew Metcalfe, signed an agreement with the NYSF’s current host university, The Australian National University, here in Canberra. The security that this agreement offers to the organisation gives us more confidence in our future growth plans. I want to thank our ANU colleagues for their ongoing support – without which the NYSF could simply not operate.

Almost in concert with this agreement, we moved offices recently, after ten years at the Physics Building on campus at ANU. We have settled in nicely to our new rooms at the Leonard Huxley building – if you are on campus or visiting, make sure you drop by and say hello.

Our international programs began with the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), which was held in Montreal, Quebec. NYSF student ambassadors attended as representatives of Australian science, and were also invited to judge the fair’s projects to select the winner of the Australia Award. The prize for the winning entry is a place to participate in the NYSF 2017 January Sessions. In the coming months, students will head off to Goettingen, Boston, Singapore, Heidelberg, Manchester and London.