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Science and innovation seems to be everywhere in the news at the moment, with the delivery of the Commonwealth’s National Innovation and Science Agenda recently, which includes almost $50 million of funding for STEM education activities across the country.

We at the NYSF welcome this spotlight on our organisation’s focus – for more than thirty years we have been illustrating to young Australians the benefits of studying STEM subjects at a tertiary level, and the subsequent career opportunities that flow from that. What those careers might look like is up for grabs, which does mean it is a very exciting time.

More than 10,000 young people have been through the NYSF’s programs since 1984, and we look forward to exploring more opportunities to increase the impact of the work we do and offer a wider variety of experiences in the coming years.

Our alumni are our greatest ambassadors and we want to continue our engagement with them as they move through the program and on to tertiary study and interesting careers. If you are an NYSF/NSSS alumni, you can visit our Facebook page – NYSFoz. It has an alumni group and we encourage past participants to follow us and join the group, as well as registering on our database at to receive information and updates about the program. Contact us at if you need any assistance to do this.

At the moment, some 400 young people are preparing themselves to participate in NYSF 2016, and spend 12 fabulous days in January learning about their opportunities in STEM study and careers.

As we fine-tune our arrangements, with a refreshed program of visits and activities, and a well-prepared team of student staff leaders, I am certain that the NYSF experience will be just as transformative for this cohort as it has been for previous years.

We in the Corporate Team wish you all the best of the Season’s Greetings, and look forward to welcoming the NYSF 2016 students in the New Year.

Dr Damien Pearce