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The 2014 January Sessions sees three students coming from Brazil for the first time to attend the NYSF.

The REDE Programa de Olimpíadas do Conhecimento (REDEPOC) partners with programs in Colombia, Costa Rica, Eduador, France, India, England, Peru and Portugal, as well as with the NYSF.  The Brazilian program provides opportunities for extension work in science, including attendance at international programs such as NYSF, the Youth Meeting of Sciences in Portugal, and the London International Youth Science Forum.

“Over the years, NYSF has established strong links with a number of international programs,” says NYSF Director, Damien Pearce.  “These are mainly based in countries where Australian students might traditionally look at undertaking postgraduate research, such as the UK, Europe and the United States.  Most recently, South Africa has come on board and this year we will welcome four students from there to the January Sessions.  By expanding the breadth of the International Program we are acknowledging the wider horizons available for international exchange.  This could not be better represented by a move into South America, where a number of large Australian companies already do business and are seeking expansion. One of the NYSF’s key goals is for our students to begin to build professional networks, and these international programs are key to this engagement.”