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Program Fee Amount, Due Date, and Payment Details

The fee to attend the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program is $1,950.

Program fees must be paid in full by Sunday 13 November 2022.

Fees should be paid by direct deposit to the NYSF, using the below bank account details:

  • Account Name: National Youth Science Forum
  • Account Number: 0090 6360
  • Account BSB: 062 907
  • Descriptor: Invoice Number

Fee Information

Once a student accepts an offer of a place at the NYSF Year 12 Program and signs their NYSF Participant and Parent/Guardian Agreement, the NYSF will email an invoice for their program fee to their parent/guardian.

This will occur throughout September and October.

The parent/guardian of a student selected to attend the NYSF is responsible for paying the full amount of the NYSF invoice by the due date, regardless of whether the student is self-funded or Rotary-endorsed.

Students who have received the endorsement of a Rotary Club may also receive a financial contribution from their supporting Club towards their fees.

Any such assistance should be paid directly to the student/family, not to the NYSF.

If a student has been awarded an Access and Equity Scholarship, this will be indicated on their invoice as a reduction in the program fee.

Students who are awarded scholarship funding that covers their full program fee will not receive an invoice.

Unpaid Fees

If a student’s invoice is unpaid on 14 November 2022, the student’s offer may be revoked.

The NYSF takes seriously any review that leads to withdrawing an offer and understands the potential impact on the student if this was to occur.

However, an unpaid invoice impacts our ability to pay for costs associated with that student’s attendance at the NYSF.

In the unfortunate case where a student offer is revoked, the NYSF will notify the student by email, and the place will be offered to the next applicant on the reserve list.

If you have any queries regarding the payment of your program fee, please contact the NYSF via email at