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Just like day one, the second day was filled with a diverse suite of STEM visits, including site tours, experiments, and thought-provoking lectures.

Participants virtually toured CSIRO’s laboratories, Mount Stromlo Observatory, and Siding Spring Observatory while learning about the fascinating science that takes place within them.

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre introduced participants to the physics of temperature, how it’s measured and its relationship to other forces, through some explosive science!

In another STEM visit, Questacon challenged our participants with a series of ethical questions about space travel, from which they learnt what happens in space and how that impacts us down here on earth.

Continuing on the space theme, participants heard from Andrew Gilmour from Gilmour Space Technologies and Jason Held from Saber Astronautics to understand the incredible work happening in the Australian space industry.

The remainder of the day explored human anatomy and crop science topics with the University of Melbourne and cancer research with the South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute.

“The Human Anatomy Hacks session was great because it involved everyone and was one of the most engaging sessions I’ve attended.”

Digital STEM Visits- Day Two - content image