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An excited group of local and surrounding Armidale students couldn’t wait to get their fill of STEM activities with the University of New England (UNE).

The day started with a visit UNE SMART Farm to discover how a range of disciplines can partner with industry to solve real world problems.

The SMART Farm session covered a range of topics, including natural and agricultural ecosystems, poultry, livestock, and zoology.

Participants then headed to the UNE Sports facility. They gained a deeper understanding of their body’s energy use during physical activity by performing experiments on themselves.

Continuing the theme of learning about animals, participants visited the UNE Centre for Animal Research and Teaching for a tour of the excellent research and teaching facilities.

To finish off the day, participants headed for the Agronomy laboratory, where students at UNE are conducting research to solve global issues affecting crops such as variable climate, nutrient deficiencies, and plant diseases.

It was an eye-opening visit that sparked excitement in our participants’ future STEM study plans!

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