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By Madeline Cooper

The support the NYSF receives from Burgmann College at the ANU year after year is invaluable, and helps to ensure we provide the best possible experience for the 400 students who visit Canberra in January. The staff at Burgmann do all they can to make sure that the NYSF runs smoothly, and none more so than the Principal, Dr Philip Dutton. He’s been a strong supporter of the program, and STEM study more generally, since the very beginning of his time at Burgmann.

Dr Dutton, or “Dr Phil” as he is known to Burgmann residents past and present, is retiring this December after ten years as Principal of Burgmann. I’ve known Phil from the beginning of his time at ANU - I was a Residential Tutor in his first year at Burgmann, and so had the privilege of working closely with him and his wonderful wife, Val. In the years since, Phil has been a great friend and mentor to me and to many people I know.

Phil and Val plan to enjoy their retirement in Wollongong with family, but I’m sure they’ll both find ways to maintain connections with Canberra, ANU, Burgmann College, and the NYSF. On behalf of NYSF, I thank them both for their support over the years and wish them well for the years ahead.