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No idea what to do after school?

How do you harness your passion for science and turn it in to a career if you have absolutely no idea of what you want to do after school? Find out how NYSF alumna Lauren Booth, who is studying at the Australian National University,  has been given the flexibility to build her own degree, match her interests, discover new subject areas and do research in her very first year.

Lauren made the move from Ipswich, Queensland a year ago to study the Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB)program at The Australian National University (ANU).

Lauren Booth, NYSF alumna 2013, on studying at ANU - content image

Lauren Booth ANU, Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB)

“I always enjoyed and did pretty well at science and mathematics in high school, but never knew what I wanted to do afterwards or whether a science degree was something I was interested in pursuing,” she said.

It wasn’t until Lauren attended the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) at ANU that she really started to think about a career in science.

“The NYSF was a two week program at the beginning of Year 12 that gave me the opportunity to have a small taste of what university might be like by living on campus and participating in lab visits that highlighted the amazing facilities and researchers at ANU. The program fostered my passion for science and broadened my horizons for tertiary study.”

Like so many other students Lauren found out that she could pursue a career in science after getting a taste of the science programs at ANU. Much like the NYSF program the PhB offers students the flexibility to get a taster of our courses helping them to decide on where they want to take their degree and ultimately their career.

“During first year I studied a wide range of subjects – maths, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science. This flexibility was a huge drawcard for me as it allowed me to explore all of the different areas I was interested in.”

The other unique component of the PhB program is the opportunity for each student to undertake research from their first year of study.

“I know it’s kind of clichéd but I enjoy the opportunity to do research projects because there is always something new to learn and discover. Working one on one with leading academics is an incredible opportunity that I think would be pretty unique to the PhB program.”

The opportunities and flexibility of the PhB allows students who have varied interests, and those with specific interests, to study at a higher level, conducting research projects one-on-one with our researchers. Lauren was particularly happy about the access that ANU gave her to academics

“There are so many different research groups at ANU that you can get involved with as an undergraduate student in the PhB program – I have already done projects within both Chemistry and Biophysics.”

“Moving interstate to pursue my tertiary studies was a huge step that forced me outside my comfort zone, but I have made the most of the opportunity to live at a residential hall and immerse myself in all aspects of campus life. From my first week I felt welcomed and part of the close-knit community at ANU and look forward to the rest of my time here.”

“I am really enjoying my degree as it offers new challenges every day through my studies. I feel that it was definitely the right choice for me.”

Come and join us on Open Day and get a feel of what it is like studying science at ANU.