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Click Join NYSF Discord to join the Discord server. This link expires periodically, so if you cannot access the server, please contact


For students, parents, and guardians

For each year of the program, the NYSF creates a page on a social media platform that allows the program participants to talk online before, during, and after the program. This page often includes a discussion of interests, program events, and sharing of photos and jokes. This is not a mandatory part of the program but a social avenue that allows students to connect with each other. Only NYSF participants, Student Staff volunteers, and NYSF Staff are accepted onto this page. Rotarians and parents/guardians will not be accepted.

In the past we have chosen Facebook as the social media site to facilitate this interaction however, in recent years we have seen fewer students using this platform in their everyday lives. To move with the online social changing climate in 2023, we will be using Discord.

The 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program uses the app Whova to allow students to have an engaging and interactive experience with our digital program. The following guidelines apply to both the Discord server and the Whova Community platform. 

Please read the following information to answer any questions you have and use it as a guide so students can set up their own Discord account safely.

What is Discord?

Discord is made up of public and private servers (pages) that people can join and interact with others on the same server. In a server, participants can write messages, send photos, share GIFs, provide reactions, and share links. Discord can be likened to a chat room, whereby comments are posted and presented in a stream down the page. Discord also allows for participants to share their own video and voice; however, NYSF will be turning video off for Child Safety and Privacy reasons. Voice channels will be enabled, and NYSF can switch these on and off at our discretion. 

The 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Discord server will be a private server which means that participants will only be able to join the server if they have a link. Invitation links will expire in 7 days of creation and participants will need to email to request a new link if they do not join the server during this time.

To join the server, participants will need to create an account and agree to the server rules. Students’ actions will be moderated by "bots" and NYSF Staff and volunteers, and students may be banned from the server if they do not follow server rules. The student can then appeal this action, however, the final decision rests on the NYSF Corporate Team.

How to download the app and create an account

How to join a server 

How to use Discord


You can find the Accessibility and Appearance menu under Discord -> Preferences. Options include font size, modifying colours and changing the Text-to-Speech rate. 

Chat messages can be read out on demand by opening a message’s context menu (three dots menu) and clicking Speak Message.

Screen Reader Accessibility

Discord does not have an official guide for compatibility with Screen Readers, however this link provides an overview. The opinions of the author state that 'screen reader support is pretty good for the most part.'

If a participant has difficulty accessing the full functionality of Discord or Whova, please contact


The 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Discord server is actively monitored 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday during the program.

We utilise "bots" which automate some of this moderation. This includes ensuring that messages and images are appropriate.

When a “bot” detects inappropriate content, it will first warn the student and content may be automatically deleted. If a student is warned 10 times in 30 minutes, they will be temporally muted, unable to participate in the server. Participants should be aware that administrators of this server have full history of moderation used in the server, by either "bots" or the NYSF team.

If a serious issue is detected it will be elevated to the NYSF Corporate Team who will decide if a permanent ban is required. Please refer to the NYSF Participant and Parent/Guardian Agreement and our NYSF Policies and Procedures in regards to how we handle inappropriate behaviours.

The following activity will be subject to "bot" moderation:

  • “Bad words” - this includes language that will cause offense including swearing, slurs, and derogatory or discriminatory language.
  • Student server invites – only NYSF staff and Student Staff will have the capacity and authority to invite people to join the NYSF server.
  • Excessive mentions – students do not have capacity to mention @everyone.

If a participant is uncomfortable with the actions and/or content of other server users please let NYSF Staff members or your Student Staff volunteers know. This can also be done by emailing

While we encourage conversation on the 'public' NYSF channels, a channel has been set up for participants to message the student staff leader cohort privately. These messages can be seen by the Student Staff leaders and NYSF Staff, but not the participant cohort.   

Please do not set up or use alternate social media group chats during the Year 12 Program, as the NYSF team is unable to monitor any unofficial groups or chats. We carefully monitor all of our official social media channels for any inappropriate behaviour.

NYSF Discord Welcome Guidelines

Note: You will be unable to chat immediately on the server until you have been verified. Verification will take place during 9am – 5pm on weekdays. It can take a few days over weekends but if you are concerned, please get in touch with us on

Students must agree to the following guidelines when they enter the NYSF Discord server. 

Welcome to the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program Discord Server!

This group is where you can get to know your fellow participants, post anything you believe is relevant, and is where the NYSF team may update you about the program. Please continue to check your emails regularly as email communication is the primary way that the NYSF team will communicate with you.

We ask all participants stick to the following server rules to foster a positive, friendly, and collaborative environment:

  • Change your server nickname to your real first and last name so we all know who we are talking to. This will help us verify you. We will not verify any names that are not officially registered. 
  • Be kind and courteous: We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.
  • No hate speech or bullying: Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying and harassment of any kind isn't allowed at the NYSF.
  • Please do not spam in the text channels. What's considered spamming? Excessive, repetitive chat lines that do not correlate with anything being discussed.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in any way while interacting in this channel, let your Staffie or NYSF Staff know. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome.

Reminder: participation in this server requires that you uphold the NYSF Participant and Parent/Guardian Agreement you signed and the NYSF Policies and Procedures.

The NYSF reserves the right to moderate, edit and/or delete content and membership of this group to ensure that it remains relevant and beneficial to the NYSF community.

Note: This server is actively monitored 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. At the end of the 2023 NYSF Year 12 Program, this server will transition into 'as needed' moderation by NYSF Staff and you are welcome to continue the conversation in the NYSF Alumni Facebook Group and add NYSF LinkedIn to your Education section in your profile.