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The Australian Government is supporting the agriculture industry to reach its goal of $100 billion in production by 2030 – this is Ag2030. In 2020-2021, agriculture is estimated to be $71.2 billion, which means we need to more than double the rate of value growth.

To sustainably reach the goal, growth in agricultural production would need to occur without disrupting the environment, biodiversity, and society, noting that a strong environment would provide good agricultural outcomes. To consistently reach the goal, we would need to navigate Australia’s volatile climatic conditions and other threats, such as pest outbreaks and a dynamic trade environment.

There are several aspects and barriers to meeting the Ag2030 goal. Australia’s farmers are already some of the most efficient globally and Australia produces substantially more food than it consumes with 71% of agricultural production exported.

We cannot double the use of resources including land, water or labour, so is there another solution to achieve significantly greater growth?

  • How do we increase yield with the same land size?
  • Are there better methods for water use to increase use efficiency?
  • How can we better use technology for automation and efficiencies?
  • Will we produce twice as much food at the same price, or can our produce be worth twice as much?

The answers to these questions point to a change of systems approach. We will need to do things differently, but what will that look like?

We need your help in addressing this challenge.

Develop an innovation proposal that uses science at the interface of agriculture, environment and technology to consistently and sustainably meet the Ag2030 target of $100 billion in production by 2030.

Background reading:

Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2021 - DAWE

Delivering Ag2030 - DAWE

Analysis of Australia’s food security and the COVID-19 pandemic - DAWE

Presentation by Dr Gabrielle Vivian-Smith, Chief Plant Protection Officer of Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this on my own, or can I make a group?

Either! Remember though, that collaboration and diversity of thought and experience leads to innovation. Think you have a great idea? Find someone else who is enthusiastic and run the idea past them. Maybe you'll be at your greatest in a team! 

How do I find and work with a group?

Your social constellation group is a good place to start as you'll be meeting with them online frequently during the program. However, if you're on the 2022 NYSF Discord server or the Community Chat on the NYSF App, you can start your conversations online. 

What are the prizes?

The top entries will be judged by Australia's Chief Plant Protection Officer and may make their way through Australian Government Departments. We'll have a good selection of interesting prizes on offer, but you never know where your idea might take you...

How do I/we present our innovation proposal?

The NYSF App is set up for you to upload your entries to the Challenge. You can present your proposal any way you like! We can accept PDFs, photos, links to videos... who knows, you may want to sing your innovation!

To view entries 

Under Agenda, you will see a section called 'CHALLENGE'. Here you can view the entires for each challenge and comment on each entry. A People's Choice competition will start on Saturday 23 January. 

To upload an entry

Email Catherine at and we will set up a link for you to create your profile to upload your submissions!  Send this as soon as you think you want to submit an entry, so that we can get this ready for you quickly. You can edit your submission any time, but please upload your final entry by midnight Friday 21 January.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

You will be asked to submit the following details:

Name (include Ag2030)

Short Description of your submission


Names of contributors

Cover photo


PDF - maximum of 2 with 10 MB file size limit

Link to online video on YouTube/Vimeo or similar

If you have any problems with uploading your entry, please email