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Would you like to try your hand at STEM communication and put your work in front of some of Australia's top communicators? 

Submit a short communication piece covering something you have experienced/been inspired by during the NYSF Year 12 Program.

The submission should include:

  • A paragraph on a session you've attended
  • A social media post that can be adapted across platforms of your choice
  • Description of the audience it is trying to reach
  • Your creative content (article, comic, interview, name it!)

The piece can cover any individual session or even the whole Program! It can be tackled from any angle – as an interview, on-the-(virtual) ground report, musings on a topic etc. The social media post must show examples across a range of platforms of your choice.

The top 5 submissions (as judged by the NYSF), will go on to be reviewed by our STEM communication panelists, from which three winners will be chosen.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three.

Submissions may be given the opportunity to be published on the NYSF website and social channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this challenge in a group?

The STEM Communication Challenge is an individual activity. If you would to submit creative content that you have done together (e.g., interviewing each other), then please submit separate entries with your own social media post and audience definition. We like to see your unique take on STEM!

To view entries 

Under Agenda, you will see a section called 'CHALLENGE'. Here you can view the entires for each challenge and comment on each entry. A People's Choice competition will start on Saturday 23 January. 

To upload an entry

Email Catherine at and we will set up a link for you to create your profile to upload your submissions!  Send this as soon as you think you want to submit an entry, so that we can get this ready for you quickly. You can edit your submission any time, but please upload your final entry by midnight Friday 21 January.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

You will be asked to submit the following details:

Name (include STEMComm)

Short Description of your submission

Cover photo


PDF - maximum of 2 with 10 MB file size limit

Link to online video on YouTube/Vimeo or similar

If you have any problems with uploading your entry, please email