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Week two of the 2021 NYSF Year 12 Program was dedicated to expanding participants' study and career options.

Participants were introduced to a range of STEM fields they hadn’t considered.

Starting with two days of introductions from NYSF Partners, participants discovered dream career and study options.

“I was really interested in learning about the research that Lockheed Martin, CSIRO, CSL, and Bayer do,” said one of the 2021 participants.

“It was so cool to learn about how a student can become involved within these companies.”

During the two Careers Days, participants discovered the many different study and career pathways to their STEM dreams.

This included exploring ground-breaking research and industry opportunities from a range of NYSF Partners.

The Q&A session invited participants to understand their future choices by having their questions answered by expert representatives.

“I was particularly interested in the university presentations, which could provide different pathways and opportunities into these universities and their courses,” explained a participant.

Thank you to all the NYSF Partners who participated over the two Careers Days.

A highlight for many participants was meeting the person who had initially sparked their interest in science, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM!

Over two sessions during the program, he spent an hour answering the participant's STEM questions, from what the future will look like with artificial intelligence to what he believes is science's greatest mysteries.

His answer? How come the full moon looks so big when it's just on the horizon and average when it's higher in the night sky.

Perhaps one of our participants will discover the answer in the future.

“I absolutely loved the first half of Dr Karl’s talk, it got me so hyped and excited for seeing the progression of particular aspects of science and where he thought the future may lie. So inspiring!”

Sandwiched between digital events were three days of in-person and digital STEM visits.

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYSF ensured that participants could attend a STEM Hub in their local area or a set of digital STEM visits to organisations around the world.

The hubs enabled participants to discover world-class STEM facilities right in their backyard while trying their hand at many STEM professions to shed light on their future opportunities.

“Thank you for providing us with a way to still get involved even when we couldn’t get to the in-person events,” one participant told us.