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Week one featured an exciting online program including everything from Nobel Laureates to kitchen experiments.

The program kicked off with a star-studded Opening Event, setting the tone for the remainder of the program and building excitement for the world of STEM and what it can offer participants.

For the remainder of the first week, participants were delighted by:

  • science experiments in their own kitchen
  • lectures from Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall AC FRACP FRS FAA and expert scientists across a wide range of STEM fields
  • workshops that equipped participants with essential skills, such as critical thinking and STEM communication.


The digital delivery of parts of the program meant that participants could take a trip around the world to visit famous STEM facilities such as CERN in Switzerland.

“All of the sessions allowed me to discover the many options that are out there in STEM and that your original pathway may change or you could go off into a completely different area of career,” said one participant.

They also engaged in numerous social activities, such as virtual meetups and a science trivia night with the NYSF Student Staff Leadership Team.