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Encouraging science literacy in early high school years

Targeting years 7 and 8 students

Students from South Australia

Young girl working on electronics



The NYSF STEM Explorer Program is a collaborative initiative between the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development (SA DECD) and the NYSF, and ran for the first time in Adelaide in July 2017, and will be delivered again in July 2018. This program is supported by funding from the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). At present, the program is only open to students from South Australia. Student participants in the NYSF STEM Explorer Program are in years 7 and 8, and selected by the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development (SA DECD).

The NYSF STEM Explorer Program involves a mix of hands-on STEM experiences, talks and workshops, as well as social activities. The central goal of the program is to foster an interest in STEM fields by demonstrating to students that “doing science” doesn’t necessarily just happen in the lab or classroom, but in a variety of ways and careers. The program also aims to develop the leadership skills of participants to become STEM ambassadors.  Selected participants are supported during the program by SA DECD pre-service teachers, NYSF staff and also NYSF Year 12 Program alumni, encouraging their continued engagement with the organisation and its activities.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

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