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National Science Teachers Summer School (NSTSS)

High School Science Teachers

NSTSS, National Science Teachers Summer School, National Youth Science Forum, NYSF


Operating for over ten years, the NYSF National Science Teachers Summer School (NSTSS) is a week-long professional development program for secondary teachers across Australia.  Teachers participate in enquiry-based workshops and activities that allow them to explore STEM in a hands-on manner.  The NTSS program aims to bring STEM to life in an engaging multidisciplinary manner that can be replicated in any classroom.

At NYSF’s NSTSS you will

  • learn about the latest science breakthroughs in a range of subject areas, and how to communicate them to your students;
  • visit world-leading research facilities at our host university campuses;
  • hear from guest educator lecturers;
  • discuss what works in the classroom and share experiences with peers;
  • build your STEM teaching networks across the country; and
  • engage with Australia’s leading STEM students attending the NYSF Year 12 program, giving you an understanding of that program’s benefits.

The NYSF NSTSS is for experienced and new science teachers from secondary and senior secondary schools across Australia. With the support of our host universities, teachers are exposed to cutting-edge science from world-leading researchers via lab visits, workshops and lectures.

There is also the opportunity for networking, sharing experiences, and making friends at a series of social events.

The NSTSS is part of the NYSF’s suite of programs to inform young people about study and career pathways within STEM so they may make informed decisions and reach their full potential.

Further Details

Location: The Australian National University (ANU) and The University of Queensland

Dates: Monday 8 January – Friday 12 January 2018 inclusive. Both programs run concurrently.

Application Dates: TBA

Who can apply: Experienced and new science teachers at secondary and senior secondary schools across Australia

More information: Please contact us

Attending the NSTSS definitely reinvigorated my love for and faith in science.

— Cornelia Cefai, NSTSS 2017 Participant and Science Teacher