How to guide for applications

This document gives a step by step overview of the application and selection process for the National Youth Science Forum. If, after consulting this information and reading other information on the NYSF website, you still have questions about the application process, please contact the NYSF on 02 6125 2777 or

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Dates for the 2018 National Youth Science Forum:

Expressions of interest open 1 March 2017 and close 31 May 2017.

Session A: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – Saturday 13th January 2018
Session B: Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Saturday 20th January 2018
Session C: Tuesday 16th January 2018 – Saturday 27th January 2018

Step 1 — preparation

Your first step should be to read through the NYSF website. In particular, pay attention to the “About” and “Applying” sections of the site. It is important that you know what the NYSF is (and what it isn’t).

Your school and your Rotary Club will have received information about the NYSF, including brochures and promotional postcards. If you need additional copies of this literature to be sent to your school or club, please contact the NYSF at

Before you can begin the application process you need to know in which Rotary district you live. Information about the district boundaries can be found at, and further details can be found on Rotary’s website at

Note that applicants must: be in year 11 at the time of submitting their expression of interest; be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and; intend to pursue a university degree at an Australian university to study science, engineering, technology, or a related discipline.

Step 2 — beginning an online expression of interest

To begin your expression of interest, go to You will be required to enter the following information:

  • Basic details (name, date of birth, address, etc).
  • Your next of kin’s details, usually one of your parents (name, address, contact phone number).

Once you have completed the initial online expression of interest, an email will be sent to you with a username and password that will allow you to access the next step in the online expression of interest.

Step 3 — continue the online expression of interest

When you receive your username and password, you should return to the online expression of interest page,, and log in using these details. You will then be able to edit your details, and enter all further information required for your expression of interest.

You should be sure to enter the following information accurately and completely:

  • You can change your username and password to something that is easier for you to remember.
  • The name you are commonly known by, if not your given first name (eg. Nicko, Dave, Shaz, etc).
  • The Rotary Club through which you will submit your final expression of interest. See further details in Step 4.
  • School details, subject interests and university intentions.
  • 50 word summary, briefly describing yourself and your interests.
  • Small passport photo in JPEG format.

Step 4 — finding a Rotary club

You will need to find a Rotary Club that will endorse your expression of interest. Information about Rotary clubs is available at the Rotary website at Click on the District number to see the clubs. You could also use search engines to find information on clubs in your area and the best person to contact. Another option is to contact local business people, who are often connected to service clubs such as Rotary.

Note that you must make contact with a club(s), to ensure that they are willing to accept your expression of interest and endorse you for the NYSF selection process. You may need to approach a number of clubs before you find one that is willing and able to endorse you. Please note that endorsing your expression of interest does not infer financial support of your application, and you will need to discuss whether your Rotary Club is able to provide any contribution to you.

Some of the NYSF Rotary District Chairs have prepared lists of clubs in your area. Where these lists have been uploaded to our website, you will find them on the Districts page. Where these lists exist, please use them as your primary reference.

Step 5 — submit your expression of interest

  1. Enter your details as required by the database. Once those details have been accepted, you will be prompted to print the expression of interest form;
  2. Write a letter to the Rotary Club President, outlining your personal interests and achievements, giving reasons in support of your expression of interest and why you should be selected;
  3. Collate your year 10 school report and any year 11 results that are available.
  4. Contact your Rotary Club by phone and make arrangements to deliver the above three components of your expression of interest. If delivering them by email, ask for confirmation of their receipt by return email.

Your full expression of interest needs to be sent to your supporting Rotary Club by 31st of May.

Step 6 — Rotary selection

Your Rotary club will inform you of their selection procedures. They may require a formal interview, or further details from you.

If your Rotary club endorses your expression of interest, you will be nominated for District Selections, which can be regarded as Round 2 in the Selection process. It is at these Selections that final decisions are made about who will attend the NYSF from your District. Again, your Rotary Club, and/or District Chair, will inform you of the procedures for this step.

At this point you should return to your online expression of interest and log in again at, in order to see if any further details are required from you before you proceed to District Selections.

Further help

If the information provided (this document, NYSF website, District Chair, etc.) does not answer your questions, please contact the NYSF directly on 02 6125 2777 or